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I'd Binge That: Podcasts

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

From Over my Dead Body to Believed, here are some podcasts to enjoy while running errands or spring cleaning this weekend If you like Serial, This American Life and NPR, you'll want to check these out:

  • Over my Dead Body from Wondery: Love. Divorce. Murder for Hire?

  • Dirty John, also from Wondery: A tale of deception, terror and survival.

  • S-Town from Serial and This American Life: If you haven't listened to this fascinating story about a small rural town in Alabama, do it.

  • The Dropout from ABC News: Youngest Female Billionaire, Owner of Theranos. How it failed and how long the lies were told

  • Believed from NPR: In-Depth coverage of Larry Nassar, and the brave women responsible for finally bringing him to justice.

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