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Chic Office/Guest Bedroom Reveal

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

When we moved into our new space last year, I was most excited about having real blinds (ha!) and 3 bedrooms. This meant my husband would have his own office and we'd also have a true guest bedroom. Then I started school in January and decided to make the guest bedroom double as an office. This is the room my nieces stay in when they spend the night, so I wanted to make it girly and functional.

Velvet Navy bed, shelf/lamp combo, nesting boxes and 5-drawer upholstered table
Velvet Navy bed, shelf/lamp combo, nesting boxes and 5-drawer upholstered table. Grand total for everything pictured here was less than $500!

gray furry chair with white furry ottoman, side table and basket with pillow and blankets
Reading Nook in the corner of the room

This chair/ottoman combo is one of my favorite things about the room. Both are super soft and add an inviting reading nook to the space. I plan on adding something to the walls above the chair sometime this summer.

White Desk with Battery Operated Lamp to minimize cords

Finding this desk from Target was the final piece of putting the office portion of the room together. The desk drawer knob is the same brass/golden color as the basket on the desk, and the envelope above. The watercolor painting above the envelope could be the daughter of the photo over the bed, even though I found them from different stores!

Would love to hear any of your suggestions/feedback in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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